Product development and design advantages

Advocating taste life It is SPAZIO's brand positioning to meet high-end needs, advocate high-quality life, and dedicate high-quality home life to consumers.

Italian light luxury style positioning Keeping pace with Milan's design trends, SPAZIO regards new Italian style as a product's style positioning, advocates taste life, and leads new Italian style home design.

High-end aluminum glass custom home leader Integrating Italy's top design resources and sharing 50 years of European market craftsmanship and technical experience, SPAZIO focuses on high-end aluminum glass custom homes.

Established Milan Space R & D Center Established Milan Space R & D Center, led by Italian famous designer MARCO, focusing on new Italian-style home space solutions.

Home category combination advantages

Building core competitive advantage Providing space solutions is not only the inevitable way of the market, but also the urgent needs of high-end customers. SPAZIO's combination of home furnishing categories is the core competitive advantage of the brand.

Create cross-category product portfolios Create a cross-category product portfolio consisting of five types of products: activity + custom + aluminum glass, aluminum and wood custom + doors, wall panels and floor + home products, to create a unique high-end custom home.

Category composition Activities Bed, bedside cabinet, drawer cabinet, sofa, coffee table, audiovisual cabinet, dining table and chair, sideboard
Customized wardrobe system, cloakroom system, bookcase decoration cabinet, wine cabinet system, partition sliding door system, door wall system
Houseware Carpets, paintings, ornaments, ornaments, chandeliers, bedding, curtains, etc.

Strong genetic code Active home —— 63 years of experience in manufacturing high-end solid wood furniture, first-line brand of solid wood furniture
High-end aluminum glass customization —— The earliest introduced and highest-level aluminum glass high-end customization enterprise with core patented technology
Interior doors —— China's leading high-end wooden door companies, first-line wooden door brands

Space scene experience advantages

Constructing high-grade space scenes Create new Italian-style simple, light luxury, minimalist high-end terminal physical home experience scenarios, high-quality spatial solution solutions, provide ample experience and purchase scenarios, "what you see is what you get"

Houseware input style to enhance scene experience Focusing on the new Italian light luxury style, high-quality home products are input into the scene, perfectly presenting the scene atmosphere and home feeling of the terminal experience.

Objective: Terminal consumption scenario = home use scenario Based on the provision of space solutions, it is necessary to create high-end terminal experience scenarios and present a good style atmosphere; in addition, all products including events, customization, and home products can be sold as scenes.

Online scene experience Based on the actual needs of customers, thousands of scenarios have been successfully created for end consumers to experience and choose. They can also provide personalized home scene designs to meet customer needs for high-quality home scenes.