Affiliate Support

Store location

SPAZIO has good long-term cooperative relationships with high-end home building materials stores such as Ranzhijia and Red Star Macalline, which can help dealers choose store locations;

Store design

SPAZIO can provide on-site measurement, space design, product sample design, graphic material design, and soft decoration services for the dealer's new store construction, thereby creating a high-quality, high-standard, unified and standardized brand terminal image.

staff training

SPAZIO has a professional training department that can provide professional training for dealers. The training content includes comprehensive terminal market training needs such as product knowledge, design and application, product installation, marketing skills, channel introduction, and store management.

Opening plan

SPAZIO provides services such as planning of new store opening activities, material design, album distribution, and floor assistance.

Join conditions

Applicant requirements

A. The number of partners is less than or equal to 2 and the shareholding distribution and main responsible persons must be clearly defined
B. Applicants need to run the store in person
C. Recognize the company's business philosophy
D. Have a certain business background, experience in high-end custom home is preferred
E. Knowledge of local building materials stores and designer channel resources is preferred. F. Have an objective and comprehensive understanding of investment risks and returns.

Store requirements

1. Saleable area: above 200 ㎡

2.Team configuration

1 manager, 2 designers, 4 sales staff, 1 after-sales manager, 2 installers
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SPAZIO National Investment Promotion Tel: Ruan Qipeng
Mobile: 18602184288