Position:Space designer Department:Brand Design Department Location:Beijing

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the development and design of the company's store image and props according to the company's brand positioning;
2. Responsible for the design and production of a full set of construction drawings for the newly opened store according to the company's store image, including participation in the measurement of the original dimensions, approval and communication of drawings during the construction process;
3. Make the shop decoration effect chart, and determine the relevant material list according to the construction drawing;
4. Combine the renovation process, track the construction process and progress of the store, and maintain and adjust the image of the terminal store;
5. Unscheduled promotion of brand image shops;
6. Responsible for designing and maintaining props (shop decoration props, lamps), accessories and soft outfits;
7. Docking props and lamp manufacturers to communicate production progress and review preliminary prop budgets;
8. Cooperate with the display division on the shop's display, line planning, and soft design and suggestions;
9. Other work tasks assigned by superiors temporarily.

job requirements:
1. Good moral quality and correct work attitude;
2. College degree or above in related majors such as architecture, environmental arts, interior design;
3. A high level of aesthetic artistic literacy and creativity, with keen design thinking and innovative ability, can quickly and accurately understand the design theme of the plan and properly represent it;
4. More than three years of experience in designing large-scale comprehensive display spaces such as furniture stores and exhibition halls;
5. Skilled in using design software, and those with hand-painting ability are preferred;
6. Have good communication skills and organizational coordination skills.
7, with strong teamwork spirit, strong sense of responsibility, can adapt to fast-paced high-intensity work.

If you want to apply for this position, please submit your resume to email:469597026@qq.com
Position:New Media Operations Department:Brand Operations Location:Beijing

Job responsibilities:
1. Participate in the formulation of the company's new media operation promotion plan;
2. Responsible for the creation, editing, publishing, management, interaction, monitoring and summary of the daily promotion content of the public account.
3. Responsible for the planning of mobile terminal promotion topic programs to enhance the influence and attention of WeChat;
4. Public account, circle of friends, H5 content creation and promotion organization responsible for public relations activities and promotions;
5. Responsible for the innovation of methods and means for public account and friend circle promotion, and continuously summarize and improve the operation level;
6. Promotion and application of other emerging media;
7. Responsible for the daily maintenance of the official website and the implementation of the construction of the new website;
8. Participation and coordination of other work of the planning department, and tasks assigned by superiors temporarily.

job requirements:
1. Aged between 23-28 years old; bachelor degree or above, and some working experience in the home industry; graduated in computer, Chinese, marketing, e-commerce and other related majors
2. Priority is given to a certain activity planning and plan writing ability;
3. Proficient in image processing software, good creative ability, thinking ability, and able to write solutions independently;
4. Strong copywriting skills, able to independently create, edit and promote manuscripts;
5. Work proactively, have a sense of responsibility, have a sense of teamwork, and can withstand greater work pressure.

If you want to apply for this position, please submit your resume to email:469597026@qq.com
Position:Regional Director Department:Brand Operations Location:Beijing

Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop annual, quarterly, and monthly marketing plans based on strategic goals, and lead the team to achieve performance goals;
2. Responsible for docking with partners, developing channels, maintaining and managing relationships with partners, and improving the stickiness of the platform and partners;
3. Collect market information at any time, pay attention to and analyze competitors and industry development trends, and adjust marketing strategies in a timely manner in accordance with business development trends;

1. Full-time undergraduate degree, majoring in marketing and other majors is preferred;
2. More than 5 years of experience in investment promotion of high-end custom home furnishings or imported furniture in China, understand the development trend of high-end custom home furnishings, and have unique insights into the industry;
3. Have good sales team management skills and more than 5 years of team management experience.

If you want to apply for this position, please submit your resume to email:469597026@qq.com