New Blue Ocean, New Grade | The first dealer meeting of SPAZIO custom homes is held
Source:SPAZIO Release date:2019-11-19

The first national dealer meeting of SPAZIO custom home was held in Yixing, Jiangsu. More than forty dealer friends from all over the country attended the meeting. Chairman Wu Xuesong attended the meeting, and judged the current and future furniture market trends and trends, and clarified the countermeasures of Huahe Group.

On the afternoon of July 31, the participating dealer friends came to the production workshop and product exhibition hall of Jiangsu Elati Furniture Technology Co., Ltd., located on Huaxi Road, Huankeyuan, Yixing City, to experience the construction of the SPAZIO custom home factory , Production facilities, advanced equipment.

Yao Jingfu, technical director of SPAZIO custom home, introduced the product planning of AILATI custom home and the promotion of product research and development cooperation between the company and foreign design institutions in the product exhibition hall, and explained the mid-to-long-term planning of future products.

The factory visit and product description will make everyone have a clearer understanding of the leading position of AILATI's custom-made homes, thereby laying a solid foundation for further strengthening communication and understanding, promoting win-win cooperation, and consolidating the basis of cooperation between the two parties.

On the morning of August 1, the conference continued to be held in the meeting room of Yixing New Century Grand Hotel. Chairman Wu Xuesong made a judgment on the current and future furniture market trends and explained the countermeasures of Huahe Group. President Wu's speech was high-rise and clear-cut, clarified the development route of the furniture industry, pointed out the direction of the furniture industry development in the new situation, and received applause from the participants.

Subsequently, Liu Lixin, the deputy general manager of the group, reported to everyone on the SPAZIO brand value packaging and marketing work; AILATI Custom Home Marketing Director Ruan Qipeng explained the product marketing strategy portfolio and related support and service work.

Set sail in the new blue ocean and win a new future together. SPAZIO Custom Home has established a vision to create a custom home brand with strong vitality and influence, and will be unswerving and stride forward. In the future, we will join hands with friends from dealers to make continuous efforts and forge ahead to jointly create a better future for AILATI custom homes.