SPAZIO custom home stunning Guangzhou Construction Expo successfully concluded
Source:SPAZIO Release date:2019-11-19

The 20th Guangzhou Construction Expo was held in Guangzhou. Huahe Group and its new SPAZIO custom home furnishings made a stunning appearance in Hall 12.2, which aroused the general attention of domestic and foreign home building materials industry and local dealers, and achieved successful investment results, becoming a new blue ocean and new opportunities for the future high-end custom market.

SPAZIO aluminum alloy glass custom home products exhibited at this exhibition are new products launched by Huahe Group in cooperation with well-known Italian design companies, focusing on new trends in international custom homes and domestic consumption upgrades. SPAZIO products are groundbreaking and environmentally friendly, low-carbon, renewable materials applications, new design concepts, unique light luxury style, exquisite craftsmanship of international standards, excellent cost-effective, rich distribution profits, showing a huge market advantage and becoming a tradition One of the important paths for the transformation and upgrading of the high-end custom home furnishing industry dealer group. At this exhibition, many brand manufacturers introduced aluminum alloy glass furniture one after another. However, Huahe's AILATI products are absolutely absolute among similar products in this exhibition due to their high-end atmospheric design, exquisite workmanship, and system functional styles. The leading position has been widely praised and recognized.

Focusing on the internationalization of new products, individualization, and high-end niche market positioning, this exhibition SPAZIO focuses on wood products distributors and designers, innovates business cooperation models, and focuses on building two terminal cooperation modes with multiple stores in the city and general distribution in the city. Accurate investment positioning and flexible business cooperation models were fully verified at the exhibition, and showed strong investment advantages, and were fully recognized and welcomed by dealers across the country in the negotiation and communication.

Stunning products, international brand packaging, and innovative business cooperation models have provided strong support for the successful investment promotion of this AILATI exhibition. It is particularly worth mentioning that the quality of business invitation for this exhibition is high. Most of the contracted customers are Guangzhou, Chengdu, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wuhan, Dalian, Wuxi, Wenzhou and other cities with huge commercial space, showing a broad and beautiful career. prospect.

New blue ocean, new opportunities. The successful participation of the Guangzhou Construction Expo is bound to become an important opportunity for the development and expansion of SPAZIO, and also a good start for the development and expansion of SPAZIO. At the same time, it means that SPAZIO custom homes have begun to enter a fast-moving fast track and become the sustainable development of Huahe Group New growth points.