Leading the international trend SPAZIO custom home is about to land The 20th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair
Source:斯帕奇奥 Release date:2019-11-19

The 20th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair-Guangzhou Construction Expo will be grandly opened in Pazhou Complex. At that time, Huahe Group will bring its new SPAZIO series products to this exhibition. The SPAZIO series products are tailored to the home aesthetics and consumer needs of current and future major consumer groups. International cutting-edge design concepts, excellent quality control, and breakthrough of traditional material applications are the important features of this new product. Huahe Group looks forward to your visit and exchange guidance at Huahe Furniture Booth 12.2-11!

SPAZIO technology custom home is a high-end custom home brand that Huahe Group uses Italian technology, Italian design, made in China, and international quality standards. SPAZIO custom home is based on the use of breakthrough technology materials, using five patented technologies to create a new product design, starting from understanding the lifestyle of modern urban populations, a new definition of international home lifestyle trends, to provide Chinese consumers with internationally leading standards of home furnishings Product customization services and home experiences.

SPAZIO creates a unique home visual and tactile experience. SPAZIO mainly uses high-quality aluminum alloy and glass as raw materials for product design. At the same time, it implements product conceptual design through highly environmentally friendly and highly creative features. SPAZIO products include partitions, sliding doors, room doors, wardrobes, cloakrooms, bookcases, bookshelves and other products. The company breaks through the traditional material application and modeling design, so that the product has both practicality and texture, avant-garde style, simple and smooth.