Focus on aluminum glass high-end custom home | SPAZIO Spazio is about to land in Guangzhou Design Week 2019
Source:斯帕奇奥 Release date:2019-11-23

From December 5th to 8th, 2019, Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo, the annual Guangzhou Design Week is about to kick off. SPAZIO, a distinctive high-end aluminum-glass custom home brand from Italy, will be unveiled at booth 4A25 of Hall 4 of Poly World Trade Expo Center. Spazio's high-end custom homes, which debuted on the stage of Guangzhou Design Week, will use modern minimalist space design aesthetics, custom + event category combinations, and high-end custom home scene solutions to bring visitors and visitors A different modern home aesthetic experience.

"SPAZIO Spachio" is a well-known domestic household building materials industry company-Huahe Group Co., Ltd., a new high-end custom-made home furnishing brand dedicated to the development and design of the first domestic aluminum alloy glass furniture. The subsidiary, Jiangsu Ruige Household Technology Co., Ltd., manufactures in Wuxi.
"SPAZIO" is a combination of cutting-edge technology and innovative design. The entire department introduces Italian product research and development design and manufacturing process technology. It is mainly integrated with new materials such as aluminum alloy, glass, and leather. It is highly environmentally friendly and highly plastic. Features to achieve product creative design concepts. Based on the product concept in the era of Industry 4.0, the use of five patented technologies and breakthrough technology materials is a strong guarantee of product quality and environmental protection.

SPAZIO's R & D center of Spazio home space is located in Milan, Italy, led by the well-known Italian design Marco Fumagalli; cooperated with the Italian ALEBD company Quanhuahe Group Co., Ltd. with 50 years of high-end custom furniture experience; after five years of in-depth According to research, SPAZIO has achieved rich R & D results in many aspects, including process technology and structural design, process details, invisible hinges, and component technology, and has become a high-end brand that truly has innovative core technologies in the field of high-end customization of aluminum glass. At present, SPAZIO's high-end custom homes have five national patented technologies, which have been recognized by national authorities.