`` Guangzhou Design Week 2019 '' finds distinctive SPAZIO high-end custom homes
Source:SPAZIO Release date:2019-12-06
On December 5, 2019, "2019 Guangzhou Design Week" was grandly opened at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo and Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. SPAZIO, a distinctive high-end custom-made home-made brand from Italy, appeared in the booth 4A25 of Poly World Trade Expo Hall 4 SPAZIO's high-end custom homes under the Huahe Group for the first time exhibited modern and luxurious design aesthetics, distinctive aluminum glass high-end new products, custom + event category combination, high-end custom home scene solution, for the majority of visitors Bringing a distinctive modern home aesthetic experience, it has attracted the attention and praise of the majority of participating designers.

Focus on modern light luxury | SPAZIO advocates new Italian design style

SPAZIO closely follows the development trend of Italian home furnishings, advocating new Italian style modern light luxury style, and becoming a leader and promoter of domestic new Italian style home furnishings. The new products introduced at this exhibition are all designed and developed by the Italian home furnishing research and development center led by design master Marco Fumagalli.
SPAZIO combines cutting-edge technology with innovative design. The entire department introduces Italian product research and development design and manufacturing process technology. It is mainly integrated with new materials such as aluminum alloy, glass and leather. Through its high environmental protection and highly plastic characteristics, Achieve product creative design concept. The new SPAZIO products exhibited at this exhibition have no cumbersome decoration, and use smooth lines and concise design language to interpret the elegance and luxury of the new Italian style, and perfectly integrate comfort and artistry to meet the needs of the new generation of consumers. Home aesthetic needs.

Six Customization Systems | SPAZIO Creates Customization + Event Cross-Category Combination Advantage
SPAZIO is the first in the country to introduce high-end aluminum-glass custom home craftsmanship and technology. Its new products are comparable to the top Italian brands in terms of design style, material use, process technology and product quality. After nearly 5 years of continuous efforts, SPAZIO has built up its superior product portfolio including "aluminum-wood custom system + cloakroom system + sliding door system + wall panel system + interior door system + movable furniture + home furnishings. Selling multiple products, transforming and upgrading to selling home space system solutions, creating a unique product competitive advantage in the industry.
In terms of aluminum glass customization, the company cooperates with Italian ALBED company with more than 50 years of experience in high-end custom furniture, and has won many national patents. In terms of event furniture, Huahe Group has more than 60 years of furniture production history, and has strong production, R & D, design, process technology, and quality assurance capabilities. Trust and praise. The design of SPAZIO's high-end event furniture is also progressing smoothly.

Comprehensive integration of resources | SPAZIO builds a scene-based experience
In terms of the performance of terminal scene experience, SPAZIO focuses on starting from the consumer's life scene, constructing the advantages of scenario-based experience from product resource integration, terminal scene concept display, 3D + VR technology application, etc., and constructing user immersive terminal experience scenes. , To provide our customers with comprehensive high-end custom home space solutions.
In terms of the integration of product resources, SPAZIO has built aluminum-glass customization systems, aluminum-wood customization systems, cloakroom systems, sliding door systems, wall panel systems, interior door systems, movable furniture, and housewares around the creation of consumer scenarios. Improve the product system, and have finished shaping the terminal display scene and image.
SPAZIO further integrates the soft furnishing company, and focuses on the new Italian light luxury style to systematically input high-quality carpets, hanging pictures, ornaments, chandeliers, bedding, curtains and other home furnishings, and further input soft furnishing style to the space scene Greatly enhance the space scene experience. SPAZIO also focuses on cutting-edge technology, using 3D cloud design + VR virtual reality technology, to provide customers with "what you see is what you get" home scene program design.

Department of Famous Doors | SPAZIO Originality from 1956
SPAZIO high-end custom home is a new high-end custom home brand created by Huahe Group, a well-known domestic building materials company, dedicated to the first domestic R & D design of aluminum alloy glass furniture. ——Jiangsu Ruige Home Technology Co., Ltd. is manufactured in Wuxi.
Huahe was founded in 1956 and has a development history of more than 60 years. It was the first to introduce a foreign furniture production line in China and was the pioneer of China's board-wood combination furniture. Huahe is also the vice president unit of China Furniture Association and the furniture decoration industry of the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Chamber of Commerce.